Sunday, December 23, 2012


 The weekend before Christmas consisted of:

our ward breakfast

 including a visit from Santa! Here's Norah and Daddy waiting in line.

Logan was very excited about Santa this year. This was his first year not being afraid of him. That fear has now been passed down to Norah, who will not have anything to do with him or even Mrs. Claus. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, Logan told him a puzzle. 

My boys looking dashing after church on Sunday.

Love when he holds still long enough for a photo. 

And the girls. I was able to participate in the choir this year. Something I've always loved doing but haven't done since having children. Benj handled both kids with ease (I had no doubt).

That evening we did a candlelight dinner. This is a tradition my side of the family has done for years. I decided that the Sunday before Christmas is a great time for this, since we usually do something else for Christmas Eve.

The theme was a red and green dinner. I pulled out our wedding china (something I only do a couple times a year). The menu was:

Mixed greens salad with strawberries
Spaghetti and meatballs
Parmesan broccoli
Garlic bread
Marbled red velvet cheesecake

It was rather laughable this year since Logan refused to eat hardly anything and Norah was beyond tired because she missed her afternoon nap. When all was said and done, Benj and I were the only ones to enjoy dessert. 
Hopefully in a few year this kiddos will learn to appreciate this types of things. :)

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