Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

  Christmas Eve is always special for us. We are invited to sister-in-law's in-laws house. Catch that? Its so thoughtful of them to invite us to their family gathering.

Before going there, we stopped by for a visit with Great-Grandpa Bradshaw. He had fallen ill a couple weeks before Christmas and is still recuperating. Doing a lot better and was in good spirits for our little visit. Logan really liked his wheelchair.

 After a delicious meal and talking about some of our Christmas traditions, we began the ever-popular candy bar game.

Rules were changed a little this year and instead of just candy, there were toys, gadgets, and gift cards galore. It made for an intense game.  I ended up with a Cheesecake Factory gift card through trading and Logan came home with a whole bag of Legos, candy, and bubbles. Benj got headphones and a gift card to Burger King.

 Norah dined while we played. She was content to eat strawberries the whole time.

 After the game we shared some of our talents, thoughts, testimonies, and of course, the Christmas Story. It was a wonderful time for all.

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