Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

 Santa found our house this year and left us with oodles of goodies.

Logan got this awesome Tonka truck. You can see its about as big as he is!

Norah was interested in everything. She loved to open her presents and was thrilled with it all. 

We made our way to Benj's sister's house for breakfast and the opening of more presents. 

We stayed til the afternoon and headed over to Benj's grandparent's house for a Christmas feast. I failed to take a single picture while there. Probably because I was busy feeding my face with some of the best food ever. Grandma Mel always goes out of her way to serve a beautiful meal. She is amazing. 

The kids both fell asleep in the car after dinner and went to bed an hour early. Must've been a pretty good Christmas. 

Next up: Christmas in Idaho Falls!

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