Monday, November 26, 2012

Ride Photos

 And now, for your viewing pleasure, the many faces of the Bradshaws.

Space Mountain: love the kids' faces in front of us.

Cars Raceway Take 1:

Tower or Terror Take 1:

Tower of Terror Take 2:

California Screamin'

Buzz Lightyear - Logan and Mom:

Buzz Lightyear - Benj with sister Bryce (they took the game very seriously):

Cars Raceway Take 2: Logan shutting his eyes, but it was one of his favorites, we promise. :)

Things we learned while in Disneyland:

-If you go with young kids, take an extra adult with you!
-It helps if that extra adult doesn't mind sitting with your kids while you hit the big rides.
-Get at least a 3 day pass. There's so much to see and do. We did 4 and we still didn't do it all.
-Use the Fast Passes!
-Go the week before Thanksgiving. They have it decorated for Christmas and it'll be the least crowded during the whole holiday season.
-Use the ART passes and take a shuttle to the park. Much cheaper than parking.
-Pace yourself and take breaks. Especially with young kids.
-Eat at Cafe Orleans and get the Monte Cristo sandwich. Amazing!
-The parades and fireworks are a must see!
-Height requirement for most of the big rides - 40 inches.

Our Favorite Rides:
Toy Story Mania
Cars Raceway
Ariel's Undersea Adventure
California Screamin'
Thunder Mountain Railroad
Haunted Mansion
Tower of Terror
Small World
Peter Pan

Logan's biggest ride:
Splash Mountain!

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