Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Disneyland - Part 2

 Part 2 includes Norah's birthday and our first day at Disneyland!

 so sad these pics are grainy . . .
but we'll remember the little things.

Like this cute little bug who was trying to figure out what was going on.

And wondering why everyone was making such a big deal of her eating.

She initially dropped a piece on her lap, then proceeded to take dainty little bites. We wanted to move on to opening presents so she didn't get to finish it!

She mauled both of the dolls she received. The Snow White from Grandma B. and the Jasmine from Mommy and Daddy. She's been a bit deprived of girly toys at our house.

We got to bed at a decent hour so we could all be rested up for Disneyland the next day!

Benj and I hadn't been to Disneyland since both of us were about 10-11. I think we may have been more excited than the kids. It really is such a magical place and I was instantly transported to my 11-year-old self. 

We started doing the classics like Peter Pan, the Carousel, and Dumbo.

both kids weren't sure to make of all this craziness.

On to the teacups. Here are the boys.

And the girls.Let me say here that my dear mother-in-law and nephew were such amazing helpers the whole trip. We definitely couldn't have done this trip without them. 

Taking a little break on Momma's lap. Both kids really did great in the stroller.

We found a rogue pirate and decided to take him home. :)

After the pirate got a haircut, we treated him to a Mickey ice cream bar (which broke in half and landed on the ground. Sad sad day). I ended up sitting on part of mine, making for a lovely brown mess on my pants. There was another brown mess by my oldest that occured in a particular restaurant. Lets just say it was everywhere and we may not dare show our faces there again. It was BAD.

Anyway, we went on Small World, which proved to be a favorite of almost everyone, especially Norah.

How could you not love it with scenes like this with every turn.

Main Street Disney at night.

We finished the day with the lighting of the castle and fireworks (complete with falling snow). LOVED it. This is the reason we went during Christmas.
 So so magical.

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