Friday, November 2, 2012


 We had a great Halloween this year, and I think it was mostly due to the weather! Its the first year I had to worry about the kids' costumes being too hot instead of being warm enough!

Our Halloween consisted of a few trunk-or-treats with the cousins,

 Spooky storytime at the library,

a Halloween party at preschool,

(Logan with his teacher, Miss Patti)

and a whole mess of candy! Luckily our kids are still young enough to not realize that Mom and Dad pretty much got rid of their stash. Its the process that's fun right? Logan was so cute this year and the whole trick-or-treating totally clicked. He loved running from house to house and saying trick-or-treat. He even tried to make himself at home a few times and stepped right into people's entryway. Luckily most of them were ward members! Ha! 

We also enjoyed a fun trunk-or-treat at Daddy's work, complete with a costume parade and haunted, uh, office spaces. 

Lots of fun to be had. Happy Halloween!

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