Sunday, September 29, 2013

Max's Birth Story

 Waiting for Max was one of the most faith-building experiences I've ever had. Everyday since the 7th I would wake up wondering if "this was the day." I'd get contractions off and on, but they'd disappear when I went to bed. I just wanted him here so badly! I'm grateful for the peaceful feeling I'd get knowing that everything was going to be ok. And it was. 

After waiting over a week after my due date, I went into the doctor for yet another check-up. Knowing that my doctor had set up an induction date, I felt this was my last chance for any progress I'd be making on my own. I prayed for a change, and was pleasantly surprised when I was 1.5 more centimeters dialated! Hooray! My body was doing something! I had been 2 centimeters and 50% effaced for a month! I felt good going in for an induction knowing my body was starting to progress further.

We checked into the hospital at 7:30 and my doctor came in to break my water around 8:00. We waited about an hour before starting a low dose of pitocin. I started feeling contractions very frequently (like 3 minutes apart). Benj helped me keep my mind off things by playing a game of Small World. 

The nurse came in around noon and was concerned that the baby's heartbeat had dropped. It was determined that my contractions were coming too rapidly and baby wasn't getting enough time to recover in between. They stopped the pitocin altogether and put some medicine in my IV to raise both mine and the baby's blood pressure. That seemed to do the trick and his heartbeat came back up. 
 I was dialated to a 5.5 at this point and got my epidural. Let me tell you my epidural was awesome~ I didn't feel the pain of the contractions, but was able to move my legs. I heard the yells of a poor girl next door going through a natural birth while I slept and relaxed as I progressed. I felt a little guilty! I truly applaud you women who go through a natural birth, but I am grateful for epidurals!

About 1:30 I had progressed to an 8.5 - 3 centimeters in an hour without pitocin! At 2:30 I was a 9.5 and my doctor was once again concerned for the baby's heartrate. We started pushing knowing that we needed to get Max out. After about 2 rounds of pushing and little help from the vacuum, Maxwell Dean was born!

 His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, causing his heartrate to drop. Once he was out he didn't cry right away. He had some gunk in his throat so once that was suctioned he let his voice be heard.Once I heard those cries, I cried too.

I got to hold him for a few minutes before they weighed and measured him. 9 lbs 12 oz and 23 1/2 inches! My biggest baby! The nursery nurse said she had never seen a baby so long. They were doing the APGAR test and Dr. Hurst said he should get 2 extra points - 1 for being able to walk and 1 for being able to beat up all the other babies in the nursery.
 Although big, he was still so small to me. The nurse handed him to me and the first thing I thought was, "Who is this little person?" I studied his little face, expecting to see some resemblance to his siblings. But he has his own little features. Tiny, perfect little features.
Benj, Max and I were able to have some alone time for about an hour. Max latched on like a champ. It was a very special time spent with the newest member of our family.

 Bonding time with Daddy.

 Right before his first bath, which he hated.

 Later that night, we introduced Max to a couple very special people. Doesn't Logan look thrilled? He actually was really excited about meeting his new baby brother. Norah kept saying, "baby dute (baby cute)". They each gave him a kiss without being prompted. It made my heart soar to be with all 3 of my babies.
 We also introduced him to his grandparents. Max gets his middle name from his Grandpa Croft.
 The next day (Friday) was spent cherishing some time alone with our little guy. He is a healthy boy, which I'm so thankful.

Saturday morning - ready to go home! I love this picture of Benj and Max.

Caught a smile.
All dressed ready to go.

This picture shows just how long he is.

Still looks so small in his carseat.
More updates and photos to come!


Megan Emmalee said...

Amanda! This is so cute. I'm so happy that everything went well (even if you did have to wait an extra week) :) Xo!

John and Rachael Alexander said...

Congratulations! So fun to read your birth story and glad everything went well! We will have to meet Max soon! I can't believe how big he looks- 23 inches! Crazy! Wow- I'm so happy you were able to get him out without a c-section!

Kiley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So very happy that he finally came!!