Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Day in the Life . . .

 Since I know all of you want to see what goes on in the life of a preschooler, I present a day in the life of Logan!

8:00 am
Logan LOVES breakfast foods, so he had no trouble scarfing down his waffle. He also gets to watch a little TV if he eats his breakfast first.

 9:00 am
Get dressed
 My independent boy loves to do everything himself. Most of the time he gets dressed pretty well. Sometimes the shirt is on backward or the shoes on the wrong feet, but he is always so proud of himself.

 10:00 am
Today happened to be Wednesday, which is storytime at the the library! The library is one of Logan's favorite places. Today we read books about Things in the Sky. Logan found a book about planes and we've read it almost every day since. I hope he always has a love for reading.

1:00 pm
After lunch is when we usually run errands. Today Logan got a haircut! He thought the razor tickled and was so excited about his balloon and sucker.

2:00 pm
Down Time
We get home and immediately Logan wants to watch his new movie from the library. I put it on for him while I put Norah down for a nap.  

Nap Time
Next is Logan's turn. We always read a book and sing a song before bed. Most of the time he sleeps, other times he'll sing and play in his room, with the occasional thud on the wall. 

 5:00 pm
More Playtime
New outfit (he had a accident - oops) and more playtime. He likes to pretend play and especially loves his cars and new truck he got for Christmas. Usually little sis is around to play too, although anything she grabs is usually snatched right out of her hands. We are working on sharing and its getting better.

Other Tidbits:
_Logan is communicating better than ever, and I love to hear all his thoughts and ideas. He loves to say, "Oo, I have an idea!" 
-He is potty-trained yet usually won't tell us when he needs to go. He just relies on us to tell him, which hasn't always gone over well.
-He LOVES preschool and has learned so much already. Its been so good for him to listen to another adult and make friends. 
-He will do anything to watch one of his shows. He'd watch all day if he could. 
-Is starting to show progress in his drawings. He can draw a face and drew the sweetest picture of our family. I'll have to post it soon.
-Whenever Norah cries, he says, "Mom, Norah needs to take a nap." Like a dozen times a day. 
-He is obedient and usually does things when asked. Time outs are becoming more scarce. Yay!


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Kiley said...

Cute little boy! I love the documentation of a beautiful, simple, regular day - LOVE it!