Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Toddler Norah

 I feel like Norah is now a toddler! I hate to say that because I still want her to stay my little baby, but she has grown so much the past month.

First, she is officially walking at 14 months. I remember on Sunday, Jan 13th, she took about 8 steps from the couch to me. Before she would take a step or 2, fall to her knees, and crawl the rest of the way. She has become more confident in herself and usually gives herself a "yay" when she's made it safely to her destination.

 Another toddler act: getting into everything. She opens cupboards and drawers and usually pulls out the contents. I have found her trying to get into the garbage (ugh) and eating crayons. She has her favorite drawer in my bathroom where all of my lotions and makeup are found. She is very curious.

Norah loves playing and figuring things out. She loves her dolls and gives them constant kisses. She'll vroom Logan's cars around like her big brother. She likes to try puzzles and blocks and she's really taken to books lately. She'll point to the pictures and mimic words. She especially loves animal books. She'll meow like a cat and roar like a lion. Its the cutest thing ever. 

Other toddler attributes: she no longer wants me to feed her with a spoon, so that means baby food is no more. It also means much bigger messes to clean up. She knows how to infuriate her brother by squealing at him. She can turn the tears on in a heartbeat. I've seen Logan barely touch her and she'll act like she's being tortured.
She is constantly busy and always winning over our hearts. She goes down really easily for naps and bedtime. I think its because she's in go-go-go mode all the time. I love our routine of sitting in the rocking chair, reading a book, finishing her bottle (that she hasn't grown out of), and singing a song before bed. I know she's ready to sleep because the thumb goes in the mouth as soon as I lay her down. 

Speaking of naps, I think someone is awake from theirs.

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