Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Winner!

Those of you who have Facebook may have heard this already, but I had to make sure everyone knew because I'm so proud!
Benj began a weight-loss challenge at work right before Thanksgiving. Since most people gain weight over the holidays, his company wanted to reward those who lost weight during that time period.
Out of 500ish employees, my hubby lost the most weight - 21.2 lbs in 6 weeks! He worked hard on his diet and was so good even with all the goodies around. He picked his prize - a new flat screen TV. He brought it home last night and has already set it up. :)
Benj says he's about halfway there so cheer him on the next couple months.

We celebrated by going to Texas Roadhouse. While we were dieting (yes, I was too - sort of. I lost 3 lbs. Whoohoo!), we dreamed of all the delicious, million-calorie meals we could splurge on when we were done. We drive past Texas Roadhouse all the time, always mumbling, "mmmmmmm, Texas Roadhouse". Ohh, it was worth the wait. Every bite was absolute heaven.

Logan enjoyed it too, even though we had to wait an hour and a half to eat. Poor kid ate a lot of peanuts and I had to make sure he didn't eat any shells off the floor in the waiting room.

Chicken critters, fries, potato skins, rolls and diet cokes, because you know, we're on a diet.
We are back to being good, so I hope looking at the picture above doesn't make me cheat.


Cleverly Triple said...

way to go on the weight loss! i'm sad to say i totally gained during the holidays and i'm ready to get back on track! what diet are you guys using?

Leana and Mark said...

Congratulations to you guys! It's fun to reach goals and then celebrate!:) I set goals for me, just so I can celebrate once I've reached them:)

Cali said...

congrats! 21 pounds is quite the accomplishment. I just have to say that Logan is SO DARLING. He's one of the most handsome little guys I have ever seen. So cute.