Saturday, January 1, 2011


Our family had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas is always wonderful, but there was something about this year that made it extra special. Maybe it was because Logan was more into it, or the blessing of being with lots of family. I especially enjoyed Benj being home for almost 2 weeks vacation. It was mostly very relaxing, just how I like it.
We started out with a beautiful turkey dinner on December 23rd. Benj's grandparents always set a very elegant atmosphere.
Logan got to spend time with his cousins.

We had a little pre-Christmas morning because we were going up to Idaho Falls for Christmas Day. Here's a photo of our tree and Logan's Santa gift (kid table and chairs). I always love moments with my little family.
Benj rocking his new hat.
Some of our loot. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.
I hadn't been home for Christmas since I was single. Mom and Dad usually come down to Utah a couple days after Christmas. It was so much fun to be home, and remember all of the traditions that I had growing up. I'm glad Logan got to experience it too.
Logan and Grandma Croft on Christmas morning.

I especially loved sitting in this spot and singing Christmas songs with my family. Something that I will always remember.
Other activities were: watching movies, playing games, shopping, and eating way too much. But it was oh-so-good.
Dad carving the roast beast (er, prime rib roast).
Andy makes a mean bowl of popcorn.
This was Benj's favorite spot throughout the holiday.
Logan got spoiled with attention from his aunt and uncles.
Our little family after church

And a very cute 20 month old in his very cute Christmas sweater.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful too!

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Ashley Jensen said...

I swear that kid gets cuter every day!