Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zion Weekend

What a weekend! Not at all like I planned, but fun none the less. There is never a dull moment in a Croft/Bradshaw family vacation. I learned a couple lessons:
1 - Always book your hotel in advance. Needless to say we did not know the St. George marathon was going on that weekend and EVERY hotel was booked. We ended up finding a hotel in Cedar City (40 mins away) which wasn't very impressive. What I mean by that is that they booked my parents a SMOKING room when I clearly ordered a non-smoking one. I couldn't even stand by the door it was so bad. The little foreign front desk guy would not take the blame. Oh, and the maids look my pajamas and Benj's shorts when they changed the sheets. Lovely.
2 - Be prepared for the weather. We knew it might rain on us but we didn't think all day long! Saturday we went into Zion National Park and I wasn't too excited to be wet the whole time. It let up later that night when we went to see Les Mis. To those who haven't been to Tuacahn, it's an outdoor theater. The performance was amazing except the last hour downpoured! I felt bad for the actors, but they didn't miss a note. It really made the play more dramatic!
3 - Remember to have fun. At first I was kind of sulking because of the hotel and the leaves hadn't changed yet and it was rainy, but I seemed to be the only one with that attitude. My family taught me to forget about the unfortunates and have fun! Generally vacations don't go as expected but it still is a vacation and something to enjoy!
Benj and I were nice and wet by the end of the day. You'll see from the picture above that I look like a turtle. We had to keep our backpack dry so I put in on under my poncho. My hair was nice and frizzy and I was a "grumpy gus" as my husband nicely put it. This was one of the sweet moments.

The family in their rain gear. I even saw some people using garbage bags!

Despite the rain, it was very beautiful.

This pic of Sam was taken Friday when it was nice and dry.

Andy's hair frizzed up like mine. Still a cutie.

One other GREAT thing about this weekend was conference. We listened to what we could in the car and it was so positive and uplifting. Definately a nice way to travel.

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