Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Activities

This year it was especially fun to do a Christmas countdown with the kids. We did several "countdowns" in fact. 

The first and most favorite was the 25 Days of Christ countdown. Each day in December we would put on a new ornament and read or watch a video about Christ's birth, life, and resurrection. I loved doing something daily that reminded us of the real reason we celebrate the season.

December 1 – Decorate Christmas tree
I was not on the ball when it came to new ornaments, but the kids didn't remember and LOVED decorating the tree!

December 2 – Letters to Santa

Logan's letter requesting Legos (I love his drawing of the lego guy)

This is Norah's letter. She wants a dolly.
December 3 – Send Christmas cards
 This was the cute picture we used for our cards.

Would you believe the Santa is Benj?

Haha. I love that picture. Here is another cute one from our session. I loved the photographer! We went to Fotofly!
December 4 – Make Ornaments
 We made some cute photo ornaments for the grandparents. No picture and ours are put away now.
December 5 – Christmas Magnets
A fun gift from Grandma Bradshaw
December 6 – Wrap presents
December 7 – Christmas Devotional
Always inspiring. I especially loved hearing President Monson speak.
December 8 – Gingerbread Houses

We did a gingerbread "village" instead of a single house, which worked out really well since everyone could create one of their own.
From top left to right: Norah's, Dad's and Logan's
Bottom: Max's and Mom's.
December 9 – Deliver neighbor gifts
 We did a fun gift with a Redbox code and popcorn
December 10 – Playdoh Fun
I laminated these fun Christmas "faces" and attempted homemade playdoh. It was a lot of fun.
December 11 – Temple Square & Christmas Concert
This was such a fun thing to take Logan to this year. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir concerts are usually for those 8 and up, but because the Muppets joined them this year, they changed the age to 5. Logan loved it! I wish the concert would've started a little earlier, but other than that it was so much fun! Grandma Bradshaw joined us too!
December 12 – Snowman Pizza
December 13 – Polar Express
December 14 - Game Night
A fun night of board games!
December 15 – Christmas Lights
We love visiting the Layton Park. It was warm enough this year that many people were walking through it. I like to stay in the comfort of my car.
December 16 – Craft
December 17 – Library Storytime
We love going to the library and attend almost every week. We picked out a lot of Christmas books this year.
December 18 – Teacher gifts
Logan was so excited to give his teacher, Mrs. Robbins, a gift. He put it under the tree in the classroom so I'm not sure she saw it right away!
December 19 - Visit Santa
 We just went for a visit (which 2 of the 3 kids loved - you can take a guess in the picture above) and they generously gave us our pictures for free. I have the lovely Mrs. Claus to thank for that. So sweet of them and it made me want to pay it forward!

December 20 – Sledding/hot chocolate
No snow yet, but we guzzled plenty of hot chocolate this month. The kids loved it with marshmallows. Benj and I preferred whipped cream.
December 21 – Red and Green Dinner
A fun fondue dinner by candlelight. My parents always did a candlelight dinner growing up, so I am carrying out the tradition. I was going to pull out our wedding china, but let's face it, we are a plastic plate and cup kinda family right now. Maybe in a few years!

We also had chocolate fondue for dessert. The kids LOVED that part!
December 22 – Read Christmas Books
We got several new ones this year, including The Sweet Smell of Christmas and The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever.
December 23 - Sugar Cookies
   Always a favorite. We made sure to save some for Santa.
December 24 – Christmas Eve
A nice blurry shot of our Christmas Eve party. We always appreciate the Krogues for inviting us!

Whew! We made it. On to Christmas!

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