Friday, June 27, 2014

A Little Trip to IF

 The last week of June Benj left on a business trip to China for a week. Knowing time would d-r-a-g if I stayed home, the kids and I packed up the van and headed to Idaho Falls. We were fortunate enough to have both my brothers in town too! The only hiccup we had was our little family got hit with the flu right before we were supposed to leave. I sent Benj off worried that he would be sick during his 20+ hour flight. Luckily he did fine and didn't have any mishaps. More about his trip later. We postponed leaving for a day and everyone did fine throughout the week. 

Anyway, on to pictures! I took a lot while we were at the zoo! Here's the whole group:

 My kids adore Uncle Andy. Here's Norah and Andy watching the penguins get fed.

My brother Sam with daughter Marlee.

My sister-in-law Jenni also had her mom and sister join us. 

We loved the baby zebra! So cute on those skinny little legs.

Grandpa getting Max to smile. 

 Max got out of his stroller and was happy as can be.

 We got the kid's pool out and they thought it was so fun! Good thing because it took me awhile to blow up!

 Max lasted about 5 seconds in the water. He was much more content watching from the outside of the pool. Marlee joined us after I put my camera away, but I do have a few on my phone I'll post later.
 A few more highlights of the week included:
-P90X workouts with my bros 
-1 on 1 time with Logan (we went to Dragons 2 and Orange Leaf)
-dutch oven dinner at Jenni's parents' house in Rigby
-catching up with my best friend Jenelle over lunch
-game nights - we played a new one called Telestrations 
-lots of yummy food, including Sam's famous ribs!
-chalk drawing on the back porch

It's rare to get together these days since Sam, Jenni and Marlee live in Iowa. We only get to see them twice a year! Since it's rare I wanted a picture of all the grandkids. Unfortunately I waited until the end of the week and it was raining outside and we couldn't do pictures! I was so bummed. We opted for a couple candid photos on the couch instead. 

Max and I posed while we rounded up the kids.

We lured the girls into the room by playing a little "Frozen" music. The closest they got to playing was when they were dancing side-by-side. So cute.

So I get about 4 shots and the kids just weren't cooperating. I need to learn better tricks to get these kids to look at me and smile!

Ha - seriously! At least we tried!

A big thank you to Mom and Dad for hosting us and helping out with the kids! I really couldn't have done it without them! It was a fun week but it was also fun to get home and see Daddy. A week is way too long apart. :)

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