Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Logan's Dinosaur Party

 4-years-old! Logan loved his birthday (I love this age). 

He got to have a special day at preschool where he got to wear a crown and choose a prize from the "treasure chest". Mommy came with treats and a game at the end of class. It was a lot of fun!

The next day, which was Logan's actual birthday, he had a dinosaur party!
 The party guests arrived and began with some coloring.

Next we had a dinosaur walk in the kitchen. It would've been outside had it not been so cold!

I played a dinosaur song and when it stopped, the kids had to stop on the nearest dinosaur footprint. Logan seemed to be partial to the number 9, so no matter where he was, he ran to the 9. When their number was called out, they got to choose a dinosaur mask.

I thought Logan looked especially cute.

 As did Norah.

 Next up: a dino egg hunt! The eggs were filled with mini dinosaurs, stickers, and grow-in-water capsules.

Lunch, cake and presents to follow. 

Yes my child is eating on the floor. Original thoughts were to eat on blankets outside, darn it.

Singing Happy Birthday!

And trying to blow out the candles (he got a little help from a buddy).

Present time!

We had a great time and hopefully our guests did too!

Happy Birthday Logan!

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Kiley said...

So crazy he turned four! Nathan is doing that same thing in a week ... ahhh! They grow too fast! Looks like his party was great fun :). Good job!