Wednesday, July 7, 2010

American Boy

I thought this 4th of July was especially fun because it was stretched into a 3-day celebration! We've made it a tradition to go to Idaho Falls every 4th because of family and an amazing fireworks display. Seriously, I recommend all of my Utah friends to go up to Idaho Falls and see the fireworks over the river. They are choreographed to music too.

Logan had a great time too. I thought he looked especially cute in his red, white, and blue shirt.
First item on the agenda - the IF parade. Complete with scout holding flags!
Grandma and Grandpa

Logan being patriotic
(Funny story - Logan had these green ear plugs in his ears. A little girl saw him and says to her dad, "Look, that little baby has hearing aids." Haha.)
Best seat in the house! Logan loves being on Daddy's shoulders!

Getting a one-year-old to hold still is very difficult

Cute shot of Grandma and Logan. He is usually a momma's boy, but he'll always go to Grandma!

After the parade, we had a family BBQ and played a little croquet. Logan was a good cheerleader.
We went to the fireworks (sans Logan - he was wiped out), ate, played board games, more croquet, shopped, ate some more, laughed, and had a fabulous time!
Hope you all had a great holiday too!

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m@R(! said...

i LOVE the 4th in IF..haven't seen anything better! :) your little boy is adorable and so patriotic.