Tuesday, March 23, 2010

11 Months

Logan is officially 11 months and it's time for his monthly review.
-how to open drawers and cupboards by pulling on knobs
-that a ball is a very fun toy
-that closet doors = pinched fingers (poor kid)
-how to head butt
-how to look especially cute when he's approached by strangers
-how to stand pretty well. Hasn't taken those first steps yet
-YoBaby yogurt
-graham crackers
-string cheese
-when Mommy and Daddy lay on the ground so he can attack
-stealing Mom's food (begs like a dog)
-long baths and sucking on his washcloth (which grosses me out)
-watching animals
-his baby videos
-going to the park
-bumping, falling, pinching, or basically pain in general
-his vitamin drops (which is wierd since he's been taking them since he was born)
-being in his high chair after he's done eating
I can't believe he'll be 1 next month. This year really has gone by fast. I'm really looking forward to this summer because I know Logan will be walking and able to play a lot more than last year. He has his daddy's cleverness and his mommy's temperment. He'll drop anything for Cheerios. He laughs the most around Daddy, but loves to hug and cuddle with Mommy. He's into everything and will be the kid that is constantly keeping me on my toes. We love him and are so lucky he's ours.

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