Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost Here

I can't believe Christmas is 3 days away. I had good intentions to finish all of my projects before this week, but I took on too much. I just hope I can get everything finished. I'll make this post short and sweet. Here are some more activities we've been doing.

December 15th - Wear our Christmas attire. Ok, not going into details on this one ;)

December 16th - Listen to Forgotten Carols. This is a must. I have the piano music too. All I need is a piano!

December 17th - Watch Christmas Vacation. This was Benj's request. It's his very favorite Christmas movie.

December 18th - Make gingerbread houses. We did this with our friends Chris and Ashley. No pictures during the actual making, mostly because Logan was fussy and ready for bed. Benj ended up decorating most of the house. I got a kick out of the snowman and gingerbread man's eyes.

December 19th - Make a snowman. Didn't have good snow for this. Maybe today since we're supposed to get a few inches!

December 20th - Make sugar cookies. We originally wanted to make them since we've never used our Christmas cookie cutters, but our sweet friends brought some over. So we'll change this activity to EAT sugar cookies. :)

December 21st - Look at lights. If you live in the Bountiful area, you must go up to the temple. First, they have a Nativity scene on the grounds, and if you go drive on the street around the temple (Temple View Drive), you'll see the whole Christmas story. Each house has a scripture passage and beautiful painting of Christ's birth.

We also went to Thanksgiving Point and rode a horse-drawn wagon around the lights. It was fun but COLD! We went with Grandma Bradshaw, and Benj's sister and family.

December 22nd - Today we're having a candlelight dinner. This is a tradition of my family's, and we're doing our own since we're not going to Idaho Falls this year. I don't know what's on the menu exactly, besides shrimp and sparkling apple cider. Cheers!

December 23rd - We'll plan on doing a puzzle. :)

December 24th - Go to the Christmas Eve party and play the candy bar game (photo from last year).

Hope your family has some fun traditions too!

Merry Christmas!

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