Monday, December 14, 2009

Activities - Week 2

Both Benj and I agree that December has already been very busy! We also credit our activity calendar for bringing the spirit of Christmas into our home. Here are some of the things we did last week:

Dec 10 - Drink hot chocolate and have Tim-Tam Slams!

If you haven't had these before, you MUST try them. The original tim tams are made in Australia, but Pepperidge Farm has them too and they are very similar.

This ad is true.

Hint - there are 11 cookies in a package

Watch a how to video on Tim Tams here.

Dec 11 - Have a Christmas treat. We certainly did this. We went to our friends' house for cheese fondue and a chocolate fountain. My new favorite dipping is cheesecake bites. I could have eaten a whole cheesecake by myself!

Dec 12 - Visit Temple Square (we didn't make it. Mostly from poor planning and the fact that everyone in Utah was trying to drive into Salt Lake and the freeway was closed). We were "driving" for 45 minutes and never left Bountiful because of traffic. Insane. So we turned around, went to Domino's for pizza, and make out of this world popcorn balls.

Benj and his mom mixing the ingredients

Cameron (our nephew) adding some gummy bears for extra ooey gooey goodness.

Forming the balls (I put lots of butter on my hands. Mmmmm)

Logan's job: look cute and eat Cheerios

Cam and Benj with the popcorn pyramid

Mmmmm, delicious

Shout out to my hot hubby. Can your hubby grow that manly of a beard and still look good?

Dec 13 - Dance to "The Christmas Song". Michael Buble sings my favorite version. Best when done with the lights of the Christmas tree.

Dec 14 - Go a good deed. We got an angel tree ornament and will deliver goodies for the neighbors. :)


Cleverly Triple said...

mmm....i SO wanna try those tim tams! i know you said pepperidge farm makes them, but where do you buy them??? love the video that shows how to eat them...ha ha ha!

Skylette said...

such fun activities! Okay, you need to give me a tutorial on your cute blog headers. I went to that website you told me about, but it took me so long to make the one I have, that I'm nervous to try another one! LOL