Sunday, July 5, 2015

Idaho Falls Part 1 - The Zoo

 As has become tradition, we usually visit the Tauphaus Park Zoo when up in Idaho Falls. It was lots of fun having Sam, Jenni and Marlee visiting too (they came by train to Idaho from Davenport). 

Here's my brother Sam and Benj (love the diaper bag).

Cute Marlee
Max too.

Marlee and her mom Jenni.

Norah and Grandma checking out the penguins.

Uncle Sam is always so fun. I can't remember why he was pulling this face - ha!

Always like to see my dad taking pictures. Maybe one day I'll take pictures the way he does. 

Such a fun day! Missed Uncle Andy though! He joined us a few days later!

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Kiley said...

FYI I love your pictures - great ones just like your Dad ... I love the expressions you caught on the kids' (and some adults) faces! Looks like fun!