Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Instagram and Phone Photos

 Row 1: Evening with Downton Abbey and Milanos, Norah is a Sunbeam, pretty sunset made doing the dishes a bit more pleasant
Row 2: Logan and his new sled, Max's first time playing in the snow, Jamba Juice

In other exciting news, Benj got a new car! The Civic served us well over the last 12 years (it was my college car). It died while Benj was driving home from work. He was stranded on I-215 for a couple hours before a tow truck came.

Norah got her costume for her dance class and about killed me with her cuteness.

Logan and I had a fun date going bowling and having cookies and hot chocolate.
 Cute bathtime baby

A new sweater and manicure for my birthday!

Norah and her completed Frozen puzzle. She is obsessed with all things Frozen lately.

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