Friday, November 15, 2013

Norah is 2

 Our little princess is officially 2 years old!
 Here are a few things I love about our Norah girl:

She is a snuggler. She still loves to be held (even more so since Max was born), and gives the best hugs and kisses. She loves to kiss everyone in our family, but her little brother definately gets the most.

She is officially off her bottle. We were giving her a bottle with her milk in it until just a couple weeks ago. She's had a sippy cup for juice for a while now, but was having a hard time drinking her milk in it. She's now doing great. Yay!

She is a smartie pants. I am amazed at how much she talks and understands. I can have a conversation with her! She knows her colors and is starting to recognize letters, numbers, and shapes. Her favorite number is 8. She loves books and one of my favorite times of day is reading her a book and singing to her right before her nap.  

She wants to do everything big brother Logan is doing. She'll copy his words and actions and follow him around everywhere. They get along pretty well and its been fun to see them old enough to play together. 

Norah has shown me how different is it to raise a girl. She is sensitive yet extremely stubborn. She can throw a tantrum better than anyone I've ever seen. We've quickly exited out of public places because of her screaming. Yet when she's calm, she is as sweet as pie. 

She is a princess (Daddy's nickname for her since birth). She loves anything girly. When putting this dress on her for pictures, she started twirling and said, "pwincess". She loves hats and shoes and puts them on whenever she can. She gets concerned when her hair bow/clip falls out of her hair. She loves to brush her hair and watch Mommy put on her makeup (I let her put on the chapstick).

So grateful for this little sweetheart in our lives. Happy Birthday Norah!

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