Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

 Wow, I haven't been good at posting lately, or taking pictures for that matter. Spring needs to come quick.
 I did take a few photos of our Valentine's Day this year. 

The kids and I had fun decorating the house (those conversation hearts slowly dwindled).

At the beginning of February I started leaving little things in the mailbox for Logan. Norah was a little too young this year to get the concept. 

Logan loved "checking the mail".

This day we got to play a heart sorting game. Logan really knows his colors. 

Another day we made sugar cookies. By the way, I think we've been on a sugar high for at least a month.

He was so excited to make these cereal valentines for his classmates at preschool. 

This is what they looked like (thank you Pinterest)!

 We made a few other Valentines . . .

and got some in the mail too (thanks grandmas)!
 You can see on his face how excited he was.
 Norah looked especially cute in her heart shirt. This was after her nap so her hair is another story.

I made a special breakfast complete with chocolate cupcakes muffins, yogurt and granola, and strawberry milk. Nothing like a sugar rush first thing in the morning!

Honey surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses. 

The kids and I met Benj at his work and took him to lunch at Olive Garden. Later we had a nice dinner at home and a trip to Orange Leaf to round out the day. 

There was a lot of love in the Bradshaw home today. Couldn't have asked for anything better!

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Kiley said...

Lovely - and so fun! I love all your updates - Norah is so DARLING!!! And little Logan is getting so big! Cute kids you have!