Monday, April 18, 2011

My 2 Year Old

The picture above was at Logan's party. I was trying to get a good, smiling photo of him. He was so so so busy running around that I couldn't even get him to look at the camera. I do like this picture because it'll always remind me what Logan was like at age 2. One word: ACTIVE.

Age 2 - I can hardly believe it. My Baby Center emails now say "Your preschooler is . . . ". Just when I was getting used to the word toddler. These kids grow up way too fast, I tell ya.

Logan is a wonderful boy. Some things I love about Logan:

He gives us delicious slobbery kisses every day.

He folds his arms for prayer.

He likes to share (usually his food).

He reminds me his toys need putting away, even when we're about to leave the house.

He always wants to help. He's especially good at putting dishes away.

He runs and jumps into our arms like he hasn't seen us in weeks.

He's goofy and laughs at himself.

He is really smart and seems to learn something new every day.

He always wants to be outside and reminds me to enjoy it too.

He has the cutest curls ever.

He will always curl up on my lap and read a book.

Life isn't always butterflies and rainbows, but I'm thankful to be a mother. I am learning everyday too. I'm so thankful this kiddo is mine, and I want to remember this stage forever.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN! Promise Mommy you won't grow up too fast.

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