Thursday, March 10, 2011

Late Afternoon

There's a little period of time when Logan wakes up from his nap and when Benj comes home from work. We try to go outside and enjoy the sun in the late afternoon before I have to get started on dinner.

Yesterday we kicked the ball around (and stomped in some puddles) . . .

and played with some bubbles.

Logan is still trying to master the art of bubble blowing. He at least is getting the concept of blowing, although the wand sometimes ends up touching his mouth.

We also took a lovely walk and saw the first signs of spring! This made me so happy that I would point out all the buds to Logan. We also listened to the birds singing.

Can you tell I'm ansy for some warm weather?


Katie Bradshaw said...

When did our boys become little kids instead of babies? Love the pictures. Logan is getting so big. They are growing up way to fast.

Skylette said...

We miss the warm weather too! We take full advantage of any days that the sun peeks out!