Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mommy Loves

Photo taken just before bed tonight.
*You were playing with a baby Jesus picture you got from nursery. I told you, "That's baby Jesus." Then you said as clear as day, "Je-sus." It was so sweet.
*I loved as we were walking outside, the big snowflakes would fall on your face and you'd hunch your shoulders and giggle.
*I loved how you were so excited when you got an orange balloon at the store. You've been calling it "bobo" all day long.
*I loved when you crawled into bed with me and snuggled right into the pillow. Then you just stared with me with a big grin on your face. Following that came big slobbery kisses. :)
*I love seeing your little round belly after eating a big meal. You have a major outie belly button.
*I loved how you ran away from me as soon as you were naked for bathtime. I found you perched on my couch pillows waiting for me to "come get you".
*I love your hair after baths because its especially curly. You are one darn cute kid.
*I love how you know your bedtime routine when we read books, say prayer, and sing a song. You leaned your head on mommy's shoulder as I sang you "Away in a manger".

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