Monday, December 20, 2010

December Happenings

You may remember last year how we did a Christmas activity every day in December. We continued the tradition this year as well, and we've had a lot of fun already. Here are some of the fun things that have been going on.
We made GINGERBREAD HOUSES. I should rephrase that. We decorated gingerbread houses. This was a prebuilt one from Costco. Quick and easy, but not recommended to eat. Maybe next year I'll be adventureous and make a homemade one.
We decided it would be easier to decorate it after Logan went to bed. Kinda sad, but he's just too little to help and the kid loves sugar. He would've ended up eating anything and everything.

Not that I haven't let him have his fair share of sweets. He was not a pleasant boy once I took this chocolate sucker away.

We said farewell to our friends (Benj's old mission buddy) who are moving to London. Logan had so much fun with their little boy. They are only 3 weeks apart. Just look at both of their curls. So stinkin cute.
Logan was pointing to a christmas tree hanging from the ceiling.

Our ward Christmas Breakfast - Santa came to visit all the excited children. Just look at Logan's face.

Not having Santa's lap. I'm hoping the professional photographer got a better picture. This is the best we got.
Round 2 - Santa trying to lure Logan in with a candy cane. He didn't get any closer than this. Better luck next year?

More sugar on its way - we made sugar cookies!
And they were delicious! Logan was particularly fond of the frosting.
Last weekend my family came down for my cousin's wedding. My little brother Andy babysat for us while we attended the sealing. Logan LOVED hanging out with him and wouldn't even come to me when we got home. His favorite activities with Uncle Andy were playing with toys and climbing all over him.

Later that day we attended the wedding luncheon at La Caille. It was beautiful. Sadly I'm not used to the more fancy things in life: valet parking, hor d'oeuvres, string quartets, 7 utensils, etc. It was so much fun and so beautiful. We were in an atrium so we could see the beautiful snowy landscape.
My parents enjoying their coconut shrimp and hot wassail. They just celebrated 30 years a few months ago. :)
Typical picture of the siblings: Jenni looking cute, Sam (sigh) and suave Andy.
That's better. These two have been married a year!
Our wonderful desserts - rich chocolate cake, creme brulee, and a delicious fruit tart.
We hadn't eaten that much in one sitting for a while (we're eating 6 300-calorie meals a day). My man has already lost 20 pounds! So proud. I must say he can pull off a beard quite nicely, don't you think?
So wonderful to enjoy an elegant dinner without a toddler. Benj and I vowed to do this more often.

Hope your December has been full of fun as well! So much to do this week!
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