Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Photos

Here are a few more photos of our annual trip to Park City:

The view from our hotel room. Have I mentioned yet how much I love fall?

Sister-in-law Jenni, brother Sam, my mom and my boys.

Going for a walk near our hotel.

Logan loves his uncle and aunt

Logan used some of his time to master the game of checkers.

He would stack and unstack them over and over.

I would ask him where the horsey was, and he'd walk right over to the knight piece and neigh. Such a smart boy.

Did you know the famous white barn is a historical site? There is a great paved path that walks right through it. It was the perfect little walk for Logan.

Grandma and Logan

Logan discovered how fun it was to push the stroller instead of be in it. He didn't want any help either. Dad made sure he didn't veer off the path.
Super cute picture of my parents and their favorite grandchild. :)

Logan also discovered his shadow. He'd jump and dance and laugh at himself. It was so cute.

We also loved swimming, playing games, shopping at the outlets, and enjoying Mom and Dad's delicious cooking. Oh, and eating fresh peaches for breakfast every morning.
Thanks to my family for a wonderful visit.


Stoddards said...

I just love fall. Park City is such a great place to go in the fall.

Visit Park City said...

Great photos! We are glad you had such a wonderful trip. Please share your photos when you become a fan of Park City on Facebook,

John and Rachael Alexander said...

wow! logan is catching some air! so cute... can't wait to go up to park city this weekend with you guys! those pictures make me excited!