Monday, January 18, 2010


I think I've gotten over the shock, dread, anxiety of turning 27. Shock that I'm in my late thirties, dread of being 27 and my hubby still being 25, and the anxiety of thinking, "what have I done with my life?" I keep getting told, "Oh, 27 is so YOUNG!" I appreciate everyone that said that to me. And I DO feel like I've accomplished many things, so I'm not going to go cliff jumping or climb Mt. Everest or anything like that. I'm too young to have a mid-life crisis. Haha.

I think of the line in a birthday primary song that says "one year older and wiser too". I like to believe I'm learning and more wise than I was a year ago. I suppose I'm more wise when it comes to being a parent. Last year I really had no idea what to expect and how I was going to manage raising a kid. Luckily Logan is happy and healthy, so I'm happy. Oh, and my hubby is happy too. That's also important.

I had a great birthday. I am blessed with wonderful family and friends who go out of their way to make me feel special. I was spoiled with birthday dinners, presents, cake, pampering, etc. Who could ask for anything more?

What do I hope for the year ahead? Well, I hope for lots of days of sunshine so I can better appreciate nature and the beauty that's just outside my door. I hope to look in the mirror and think, "hmmm, I look pretty darn good today." Better yet, "I look smokin' in this swimming suit." I hope to cross off more projects on my to-do list. I hope to slow down so I can appreciate what I have and what I'm doing. I hope to remember the little things each day that make me happy.

I want to say on my next birthday, "Wow, that was a good year."

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Natalie Carver said...

LOL I have to say Amanda you are too funny! You are so young! When we are 40 you will look back at this and say..."what was I thinking!" I was so young! LOL I love being your friend and we will have to make this year a much more adventurous year! Happy Birthday Girlie