Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a fun weekend and wanted to share with everyone!
Oh how I love my nephews. Colton (the youngest) has pretty long hair and Benj's mom wanted to take a picture of him with a ponytail to convince her daugher that it was time he needed a haircut. It didn't seem to bother him as you can see. He knew it was pretty funny!

I love his expression. :)

I convinced Benj that we needed to go to the Utah State Fair on Friday. It was so much fun!

We took the two boys and Grandma B. along. We first stopped at the rodeo.

Cameron's face says it all. We had already watched the rodeo for an hour and although it was fun, we were done!

I think Colty would have been fine watching the horses even longer. He would stare at Benj when he would start hollering and clapping, and then he would join in the fun.
As you can see he was clapping a lot.

After the rodeo, Benj and Cam went down the big yellow slide. I was proud of Cam for going down by himself. Benj saved his life at the bottom when Cameron almost got ran over by another person. After the slide we walked around for a bit, checked out the rides and displays and went home.

Saturday we watched the Utes football game! We went with friends Joe and Katie. The stadium was packed! The Utes picked up a lot of speed in the second half and ended up crushing UNLV. There were a couple of downsides: I wouldn't recommend ordering a chicken taco from the stadium, bleh. Also, a mid-thirties guy trying to be cool was sneaking shots with his buddies right in front of us. I told security but they didn't do much. They asked the guy what he had and he showed him his Coke bottle. I was thinking, "Can't you smell the guy's breath?" Obviously not since they didn't kick him out. I found out I can text security if I see any disturbing behavior. I don't think it would do much good. After the game we stopped by Baskin Robbins and had waffle cones. It made the day all worth while!
Sunday we spent a quiet afternoon at home where we got some much needed rest. Overall a fun weekend!


m@R(! said...

your nephews are cute!! that slide looks scary to me

Natalie Carver said...

Oh what a fun weeked! I love weekdends like that where you have fun stuff to do to keep you busy and also when you have time just to chill! We went to the fair on Sunday (i hate to admit it :O ) But we had a fun time too! I hope all is well and we need to get together soon! If you are ever bored and need a gal pal to hang out with while Benj is at work/school I am always around : )