Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer - Week 10 - Eden, Utah

 We spent a fun 5 days up in Eden with Benj's side of the family. We had beautiful weather and views from the top of a mountain (right by Snowbasin).

Benj didn't come up until Sunday because he was traveling for work.

Max with Aunt Bryce!

Monday we went to Pineview Reservoir and spent the day at there. We rented a couple jet skis which were a lot of fun.

Here's Benj and Norah.

Max fell asleep while floating on the tube.

Norah with Grandma.

Uncle Jon and cousin Cameron.

Caught a beautiful sunrise on one of my walks.

Bet this looks a lot different in the winter!

We went to a fishing pond and let the kids catch their first fish!

On the last day we checked out a local farm/petting zoo. We had the whole place to ourselves.

We got to feed the babies!

This is how Norah felt most of the time. Ha!

Getting pony rides!

Even Norah did it. Yay!

Lots of fun and hope to visit again!

Not pictured: a super fun playground in Eden, complete with a lunch of cheeseburgers from a local bar. Pretty sure it was the only restaurant open in town!

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