Saturday, April 18, 2015

Logan's Birthday Day

 Logan has been excited about his birthday for MONTHS. There was nothing on his birthday wish list except for legos, legos, and more legos. It only seemed right to plan him a lego-themed birthday bash!
Logan was lucky enough to have his birthday on a Friday, so he definitely got a full day of celebrating! The morning started off with balloons in his room:
A super excited kid waiting to open his presents!

Told you he loves legos.

He had to search for his last gift . . .

a new scooter!

 He blew out candles in his birthday cake pancakes and spent the morning putting his legos together.

I went with him to the school where he showed his classmates his poster and handed out treats.
(I need to take a picture of his poster!)

After school we got ready for his lego party!

He helped me make the legohead cake pops (marshmallows dipped in chocolate).

 We also served lego cupcakes!

His friends arrived and the party began with everyone coloring their own lego mini-figure.

Next up - building their own mini-sets. They probably would've been content to build the whole time!

Next up - Pin the Pants on the lego guy. Benj was awesome at manning the games. We also played lego, lego, who has the lego (like button, button).

Next up - pinata time! Benj and I converted a store-bought pinata into a lego piece!

After a round of being blindfolded, we let them hit it without. It didn't take long for the candy to spill out!

Back inside for the Happy Birthday song and blowing out candles!

 Logan was absolutely thrilled to receive even more lego sets from his buddies! He was in heaven!

Logan had such a fun time and I think it's safe to say these boys (and little lady) had fun too!
Happy birthday Logan!

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