Saturday, November 15, 2014

Norah at 3 Years

 Happy Birthday to my adorable 3-year-old!

I was just looking back the past 3 years at pictures of you. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. 

Weren't you just my newborn?

Age 1

Age 2

Some things about Norah right now:

-You are starting to get into the princess thing, and everytime you were a dress, you immediately start twirling and call yourself a princess
-You love Mommy, but you LOVE LOVE your Daddy. You two have the sweetest bond.
-You continue to be a picky eater. Your favorite foods are berries, chocolate milk and cereal
-You love Disney songs and always start dancing when you hear something you like (especially from Little Mermaid or Frozen)
-You are a little accident prone and seem to fall or get hurt multiple times a day
-You love to scream to get your way
-You tease Logan to no end to get a reaction out of him
-You are Max's biggest fan and love his to pieces
-You still suck your thumb and don't show any signs of slowing down
-You always get tons of comments of how beautiful you are, including you should be in movies/magazines or that you look like Snow White
-You know all your colors, recite your ABCs (and recognize some letters) and can count to 12. You love to learn and are incredibly smart
-You like to make up nicknames for Max, different ones everyday
-You love watching Mickey Mouse shows
-You give really big hugs and love to show affection

Happy birthday Norah Jo! I love you!

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