Friday, September 19, 2014

Max is ONE!

 Happy 1st birthday to my sweet Max! The fastest year ever, in my opinion.
 Max got his pictures taken by my talented cousin Jodi. Find her site here.

A few things about Max at a year:
-He wakes up with a smile and greets everyone with a cheesy grin. I love walking into his room because of how excited he gets to see me.
-He is still nursing about 3-4 times a day.
-Loves food and likes to eat independently. Favorite foods are scrabbled eggs, raisins, cheese and fruit snacks.

-He has 8 teeth and 4 more on the way (his molars - poor swollen gums). They don't seem to bother him too much but has started waking up once a night because of them.
-He stands and has taken 1-2 steps at a time, but doesn't seem too interested yet.
-He weighs 21 lbs 7 oz (50%) and is 31 inches long (80%)

-He can climb stairs with ease, climb up on the couch, and open any cabinet or drawer. He LOVES getting in the bathroom and emptying my makeup, etc.
-He is very smart and tries to mimic everyone he sees. He is trying hard to talk and nods his head YES to every question I ask. 
-As much as he likes to be independent, he is constantly on my heels wanting to be held. He gives the best kisses.

-He has the lowest baby voice I've ever heard, but screams like a banshee. He is starting to throw tantrums already and rolls around on the floor.
-He is impossible to change/dress. He hates holding still on his back. Singing songs to him sometimes works.
-His favorite toys are generally not toys (mommy's chapstick, toilet paper tube, anything he can find on the floor).

-He loves being in the stroller and taking walks. Loves to be outside in general and doesn't mind getting dirty. Definitely a boy.
-He pretty much wants to do anything big brother and sister are doing.
-Doesn't have much patience for books but we try!

-Ever since he's been born, people have commented on his calm nature. He really has been an angel his first year. I couldn't have asked for a better baby.

Love you Max! Happy Birthday baby!

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