Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

These kids are so blessed to have this man as their dad. Benj is a great dad because:

-he is a wonderful example
-he is hands on
-he is patient and loving
-he is playful and fun
-he puts his family first
-he smothers them with hugs and kisses
-he is a protector

Whenever Norah sees a picture with multiple people in it, she always points out her daddy first. Both kids run into his arms when he gets home from work, followed by Logan saying, "I'm so happy to see ya." The kids adore you Benj, as do I. 

Happy Father's Day!
This year we had a Father's Day picnic at the park with Benj's grandparents, followed by a fun day up at the Krogues' cabin in Heber. 

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