Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Norah at 18 Months

 Norah - you are officially 18 months and as busy as ever. So busy in fact that you only let me take a few photos of you in your cute dress before throwing a fit and running away. You are a firecracker and change moods faster than anyone I've ever seen!

 You are a jabbermouth and LOVE to talk. You are starting to put phrases together. One of my favorites is "Wazzup?" You ask me that whenever there are sunglasses around. Some of your other favorite words are: oh no, peas (please), juice, nak (snack), ni-night, and many others, including names of family members. You also make great animal sounds - you know dog, cat, bird, cow, horse, fish, snake, elephant, bear, tiger (pretty much anything that growls), chicken and duck.

I got a few more photos at the park after I changed your outfit. 

You love the swings and never want to get out. In fact, you love being outside and are the happiest when you are wandering around doing your own thing. I tell others you get the wandering gene from Grandpa Croft. I have to constantly be watching you or you disappear in seconds.

 You are a smart girl and know how to point to your eyes, nose, mouth, head, and ears. You love playing with Logan's cars (which is usually followed by him taking them away and you screaming at the top of your lungs). You love your baby dolls and put them in your stroller and give them walks around the house.

You are still sucking your thumb, which is starting to worry me a little. I never thought I would have a thumb-sucker. 

Your check-up at the doctor went great. You're still tall (85%) and average weight (50%). You didn't cry during your shot and were happy as can be with the sucker the nurse gave you. 
You are doing great in nursery and love to be held by the leaders. You have a tender heart and usually all you need is a little snuggle. That I can give to you everyday, always.

Love you baby girl.

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