Monday, November 8, 2010

He Did It!

This little guy made it through two whole hours of NURSERY! I'm so proud!
We went in for a few weeks prior to him being officially 18 months for "trial runs" and either Benj and I would stay with him. Yesterday when we walked in he went straight for the toys and never looked back at us. Throughout primary I was expecting to see a nursery worker with a crying toddler, but it didn't happen. We found out later that singing time was a little rough. He liked the singing part, but in between songs he would cry.

I felt bad when we came in at the end and got a whiff of Logan. The nursery worker said it barely happened, but man, it was a doozy.

I took pictures at home right after church (and after changing the diaper). He made the chain but wouldn't hold it. He liked a booklight instead.
Now hopefully he'll be this good EVERY time!


m@R(! said...

wahoo!! That is awesome he went with no problem. You can actually listen in R.S. now!!!

Skylette said...

Okay, I need tips - Parker still freaks out if we leave him in nursery; either that or he sits on the leader's lap and won't play unless we're in the room!