Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Cards

So I have kind of a wierd question. I'm debating about making Christmas cards this year. It's always cute to include a picture, to make it more personal, but Benj and I haven't changed all that much (ok, maybe I have a little). I always like the pictures and newsletters of the cute kids and updates on what's going on with the family. However, no kids yet, and do people really care what Benj and I are doing?
So question: should I do a personalized card with pictures or a letter or should I stick with a generic card? I think sending Christmas cards is a lost art. People just don't send them like they used to. It's sad! I want to fill up my card holder this year! I want to send you one too!

Thought you might like to see some of the Bradshaw Christmas cheer.

We don't have a fireplace so we opted for something different. We have one for baby too (but we haven't gotten his name embroidered yet).

I love having a real tree in the house. This year and last year Benj and I picked a tree that was a little big for our living room! We love it though. The first thing I smell when I get home is evergreen. It is so heavenly!

Now all we need is snow!


Haylie said...

I love the decorations...and we finally got snow in Idaho Falls this morning...I love it. I have been waiting and waiting. I think you should send a christmas card for is a lost art and I love getting them. I love to see what people are up to. That is my opinion.

Stoddards said...

I totally agree with Haylie. I love reciving cards, and letters I have always enjoyed reading about how people are doing. So I hope to be getting one in the mail!!
Cute tree!

Amanda B. said...

I love Cmas cards. I am just sending out pictures this year because we are pretty boring on paper! I really just need to hurry and get them out! Shoot! Let's just share addresses and send them to each other! I need to get a card holder! Your's is super cute! Ok ok...enough rambling!

The Morrill men and Me said...

I love the Chirstmas cards too. I Have been meaning to seng the cute picture one for years, but have yet to get my kids to get along for a good picture to send out. Still tring haven't given up for this year yet:) Loved what you have done with yours at the top of the blog:)

Natalie Carver said...

Cute house, I think that is the most I have seen of your house : ) I really need to come see it! Thanks for doing that facebook invite, I really appreciate it!
I love Christmas Cards,I think that I am going to alternate years, last year we did a picture of Callie so this year I bought some that I like and next year I will do a picture again! Just an idea : )